Certifications & Courses

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Military/LEO/Fire/First Responders

Training for occupational athletes requires a practical and tactical approach. Programming, coaching, training and preparation for specific tasks are part of our customized plan for these athletes. We have prepared army rangers, military personnel, fire fighters and law enforcement candidates to not only crush their tests but also to be at the lead of their class. Train.168 has partnered with Tactical Fitness GSA ( to be the fitness and training provider to the military. These courses are separated into 2-4 hour blocks, one day or two day events.

Coaching Behavior Model

Having book knowledge and passing a certification gets fitness professionals in the door. But understanding how to lead, communicate, cue and coach effectively can give you a powerful career advantage. Our proprietary Coaching Behavioral Model dives deeper into aspects of sports psychology, leadership, motivation and the three A’s of coaching. This model is now available in a one-day seminar format as well as part of our ongoing personal training programs. The CBM is available as a one day course or can be done remotely following a 4-hour abbreviated course. Note: This can also be done in conjunction with any course or specialty event/course.

Athletic Training, Coaching and Camps

We have successfully coached CrossFit Games/Regionals athletes, high school athletes, younger athletes, college athletes, professional athletes, fitness competitors, Olympic lifters, and Olympic hopefuls. We coach athletes globally and domestically out of our Southern California facilities as well as virtually through our innovative Train.168 process. We coach and train one athlete at a time with a sincere passion for results. Our screening process and weekly programming is completely individualized and all athletes receive weekly movement efficiency analysis (MEA) from their coach. You can also book a private training camp (one or two day) for your group, gym or team that is not only full of education, training and coaching but it’s also a lot of fun!

Gym Programming

Programming is an art. It is a combination of science, experience and communication while we consider the needs of the gym. Our weekly gym programming is one of those areas that we take great pride. Our programming also includes coaching support and technical assistance. Programming with Train.168 will set your gym apart and produce more results for your membership.

Multi-Sport and Running

Our roots started in cycling and duathlon. We understand how to balance strength and power training with swim, bike and run. We believe in developing speed with a high level of skill and technique. Our RunRight seminar reduces injury, increases pace and analyzes run technique. Our multi-sport athletes learn how to fuel and perform for the podium but no matter what your ability, you’ll be happy with the results. The Multi-Sport and Running courses/clinics are one day and include video analysis of running and cycling. Two-day intensive training camps are also done.

Facility Design, Layout, Planning

From a small space to a large space, we got you covered. With access to some of the best equipment in the industry, our volume pricing and equipment options will provide you with quality and durability without breaking the bank. Our layout and planning services will ensure your gym is specifically tailored to your business objectives. We’ve also helped a lot of our athletes with setting up the ideal garage gym!

Personal Training for Gyms

We have been in the PT business for over 20 years. We understand the challenges of recruiting and holding onto good trainers. We’ve been through the pay scale and client package issues. And we’ve seen successful gyms struggle with increasing PT revenue. We address internal and external marketing, social media and staff development. Our PT model creates systems that create loyal, educated trainers that stick around and become an integrated part of the gym’s success. We treat each gym individually to be sensitive to market conditions and management maturity. The bottom line is the bottom line with PT – and so is developing the best trainers in town. Contact us to get a Discovery Sheet sent to you so we may be able to help your PT program.

SoCal Training and Playing

Do you want to workout, get coached, eat good food and explore the beaches, mountains and deserts of Southern California? We always have athletes coming to town to train hard, eat like an athlete and experience training with us. You can always pop by for a workout or coaching session (technique, skill) if you’re in town or make it more than a day and hang out for a few days! Rarely a day goes by that we don’t workout, Olympic lift, do a track workout, trail run, hike, play basketball, beach volleyball, surf, bodyboard, shop or eat tasty food! You might even get in a workout with our SoCal territory coaches at one of their garage gyms!