C = Certification
W = Workshop (all attendees receive a Certificate of Completion)

Train.168 Certifcation (C)

The Train.168 Certification is a comprehensive course designed to educate and equip coaches, trainers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The curriculum covers biomechanics, skill/technique of weightlifting, strength training and body weight movements. Attendees learn how to design specific training programs as well as learn how to analyze, coach and perform fundamental movements that relate to both fitness and sport. The course is part lecture, part practical and interactive. Coaching psychology and communication skills are emphasized throughout the course. Attendees will gain detailed understanding of how to be an effective coach while maximizing potential as an athlete or active exerciser. More Info Here >

Train.168 – Advanced Performance Coach (C)

The advanced performance coach (APC) certification is a detailed study in skill, technique and coaching. The attendee will learn how to analyze and coach all major Train.168 and weightlifting movements. Emphasis on understanding how to program based on the athlete population is learned along with a specific understanding of supplemental exercises. (2-day course). Prerequisite: Train.168 Certification

Endurance Sport Certificate (W/C)

Learn proper training protocols and programs to build speed, power and more endurance. Attendees will be able to design proper programs for runners, triathletes and multi-sport athletes. Get education on specific training modalities (i.e. strength) to help build capacity in endurance athletes. This workshop will benefit both coaches and athletes to understand how to balance endurance training into a weekly schedule. (1-day course with a 2-day Certification option).

RunRight (W)

Running is a skill! Get your running technique analyzed and gain insight into proper mechanics to allow for less injury and more speed! Running mechanics are studied in detail. Run drills and proper running programs will be presented along with coaching keys on developing runners. This is a workshop that will benefit both the endurance athlete as well as the casual runner looking to improve their 5k or marathon. (1-day course).

Programming & Progression (W)

Learn how to program with precision. Both strength and endurance programming is included. Programming methodology and science behind various approaches is studied. Each attendee will learn how to develop a weekly and annual plan of programming for any level athlete. (1-day course).

Weightlifting Workshop (W)

This is an in-depth seminar focusing on all squat and press movements. Olympic lifting skill and technique will be practiced. Learn how to coach and cue along with gain an understanding of how to properly and safely incorporate weightlifting into a balanced training week. Attendees will learn supportive exercises to help develop strength and skill. (1-day course).

Coaching & Leadership (C)

This is an ideal workshop or trainers, group exercise instructors, strength coaches and fitness/athletic management. Learn key strategies to become a transformational coach through gaining education in applied sports psychology, leadership and communication skills. This certification will allow the attendee to grow their career and business.

Performance Nutrition (W)

Nutrition truth. This workshop will give you insight into nutritional strategies to adjust body weight (lose or gain), lower body composition and increase fitness/athletic performance. The education includes gaining knowledge in making food choices based on the individual along with options for developing fueling programs for sport and fitness. Coaches and athletes will learn how to evaluate nutrition programs and address supplementation. (1-day course).


Note: certifications/workshops can be booked as private for your staff only. Contact Nuria Maeshiro nuria.maeshiro@HIITInstitute.com (619) 876-6077.