One week, 168 hours. One athlete at a time. We program, educate, inspire, coach and train with precision and care. We succeed by considering the weekly context of any given athlete or gym’s needs. As we build each week, we aim for accomplishing the long-term objective.

Make no mistake, we train hard and coach with intense focus. We believe in developing a complete athlete. We expose weakness, focus on skill development and expect commitment. We believe everyone’s an athlete. We assess, analyze and adjust (our three A’s of Coaching) based not necessarily on age, but on experience, current conditioning level and training aptitude.

Our seminars, clinics, training sessions and programming plans have proven successful for competitive CrossFit athletes, CrossFit gyms, high school blue-chip athletes, collegiate athletes, Olympic prospects, military personnel, law enforcement, fire fighters, endurance athletes and those serious about getting strong, fast and powerful.

Our seminars and services have helped personal trainers and fitness professionals gain more specialized knowledge. Our gym clients have learned and gained an edge from our weekly programming. Combined with our business development strategies, Train.168 will help your business grow.